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Five reasons to surround yourself with incredible people

 Sir Richard Branson, echoed our thoughts when he spoke about his management style during the live launch party, he spoke about the art of delegation and willingness to surround himself with incredible people; individuals who have earned his trust and have the chance to find their satisfaction by creating something unique.

A rare breed of entrepreneur, one that oversees multi-billion dollar companies across the globe; Sir Richard has the knowledge and learning humility to realize that delegation of tasks is the best way to free up his mind in preparation for the next big idea. He has earned the ability to worry less about the daily happenings of his companies and focus more on honing his creativity. It has enabled him to reimagine air travel, make space tourism a reality, and find the most fun ways to market his brand.

Sir Richard’s mind is a kaleidoscope of ideas, but today, we will focus on just one: Surround yourself with incredible people.

“Don’t try to do it all yourself, and you’ll have a much better life if you do that, you’ll have time for yourself, your kids, your health and you’ll have time to think and come up with the next big idea, rather than getting bogged down with the current one.” 

Here are five reasons to surround yourself with incredible people

  1. Time for yourself

In the midst of all that we do, sometimes, we forget to take that much-needed break, most times, we have no option. Being busy with errands has left us with less time to wind down, gather our thoughts and reflect on our day. The ten-minute coffee run may seem like a mundane routine, but it could be your daily ritual that gives you a sense of peace. Give yourself time to experience these rituals, and if you don’t have any, find some! You’ll thank us later. 

Incredible people are a pillar of support, be it in a business or your personal space. By finding them, you’ll have the space to find yourself. 

  1. Family first

Don’t rush through happy moments, slow down to cherish your time spent with loved ones. Delegate to relegate uncertainty of schedules and put your family first. 

  1. Your health is a priority

A person who tries to do it all themselves will be the first ones to burn out, and in the long run, it is detrimental to his/her wellbeing. By delegating to people you trust; you will create a stress-free life, with enough time to make your physical and mental health a priority. 

  1. The next big idea

With a support system, time spent managing routine tasks is now free to strategize, possibly even envision the impossible. The most creative idea is almost always conceived during the quieter moments of an innovator’s life.

  1. Create something special

Surrounding yourself with incredible people is the best way to create impact; your support will be motivated to create something unique, and you’ll have more time to ensure it is a  success.

The benefit of surrounding yourself with incredible people is not restricted to multi-billionaires; it is available to each one of you. By engaging in mutually constructive relationships or working with people driven by a common mission or goal, you are consciously selecting your ‘incredible people’.


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