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Our Mission

Forming Impact aims to create positive change in the world through connecting changemakers and advancing their impact.

By connecting people to their true purpose and to each other, we help make great things happen.

Fiona Macintyre

/ Founder, Forming Impact

Combining Profit
with Purpose

In a world grappling with real challenges, there's a rising need for ventures that combine profit with purpose. We call this Confluence (conscious influence). Everything we do is centered around the intersection of passion, profit, and global impact; identifying opportunities that align with both business objectives and global betterment. 

Our Story

Forming Impact's story is one of visionary beginnings, as a passion project to bring groups of like-minded individuals, ignited by a shared passion for positive change, together to change the world. From its inception in 2014, the community has evolved into a dynamic force, driven by the belief that impactful change begins with collaborative action. Through the years, Forming Impact has cultivated a rich tapestry of friendships and partnerships, creating a space where humble hearts, brilliant minds, and action-oriented individuals converge. Just as the last ten years displayed, Forming Impact hopes to continue to be a beacon for those committed to shaping a better world.







Our People

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We're always up to exciting things!

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