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The excitement of connection and exploring

By Forming Impact

It’s no secret that in the world of business, it’s more a case of ‘who you know’ not ‘what you know’, if you want to be truly successful. Now, of course, qualifications, knowledge and experience are all extremely valuable and completely indispensable, but without building a network and knowing people in the right places, those three aspects have much less chance of taking you to the top in your chosen field. Building and growing your network heavily involves marketing yourself; you need to put yourself in full view of other individuals within your industry…people that could potentially help you on your journey. 

If we’re being transparent, when people envision networking and forging relationships with a multitude of like-minded people, they think way too small! When considering creating ties with others; don’t think inside your current company, don’t think within your community, and don’t think within your country…think internationally. The reasoning behind this is, there are a plethora of amazing opportunities around the world and there are endless amounts of people that could potentially provide you with a key piece of knowledge, it’s all about putting yourself in the correct positon. Whereas, on a smaller scale, the opportunities and potential of great experiences substantially decreases.

The impact of international connections is huge and shouldn’t be underestimated. Yes, you may be concerned about language barriers, unfamiliar situations and environments or being away from home, but you’ll become a bigger and better person. Not only will you get to further your knowledge by experiencing different and diverse cultures, you’ll also expand your understanding on various business ecosystems from around the world; business is a common term around the globe, but methods and systems can vary greatly! So, just imagine networking with an associate in London, England, who is in the same industry as yourself; you’ll get the chance to travel to the UK, experience the English culture, learn about how business differs in that part of the world, and if you market yourself and impress, there may be opportunities there for you in the future if you wish to take them. Without networking, this will never be possible. 

Additionally, although we have discussed the business side of networking significantly, networking can also be terrifically effective to source friendly acquaintances who share similar passions and views to yourself. Once again, this should be done on an international scale to really squeeze the most out of it and grow as a person. By networking with individuals from other countries, you’ll be empowered to visit the world; see things you’ve always wanted to see, witness things you never thought was possible and experience true happiness.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, China is the world’s largest economy by purchasing power and Russia is the largest country in terms of landmass; now these are just a few of the amazing countries on this earth, so get networking, get travelling and prosper with Forming Impact.


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