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Purpose elevates positive impact

It is why we get out of bed in the morning, it gives us the drive to carry on when tired or when we expect challenges ahead, that motivating elixir of thoughts is purpose. It is tied to a person’s vision of the future, interests, and thing that brings them joy. 

As purpose is individualistic, people believe it arises from what sets each other apart. From my experience with Forming Impact, I observed that purpose also grows from connection with others. Once you begin your journey, you most certainly will meet other people – a community – traveling to the same destination. 

While people lean towards leading purpose-led lives, their decisions as entrepreneurs, employers, employees, business leaders, innovators, and investors begin to create a positive impact. Take for example the impact on business. There is a mounting expectation from purpose-led stakeholders for companies to prioritize social and environmental challenges to meet them head-on by creating policies and business practices that are sustainable and future-ready. Company boards and executives are now adapting to the expectations on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) by adopting new frameworks and guidelines to track and quantify efforts, attempting to find a balance between creating long-term value and leaving behind a sustainable legacy.

A great example of companies harnessing the power of purpose are proactive attempts to put people before profits, not that delivering revenue is not important, but of late, there has been more focus on creating an environment where employees can thrive in their roles, hone and follow their purpose, and excel at what they do, thereby ensuring the employees are inspired to go above and beyond in their effort to help companies meet their objectives.

Purpose creates a positive impact.

Purpose is unique to each person, but it is always a long-term objective, calling or intention, not a short-term goal. As I sign off, I leave you with a thought from my observations on various Forming Impact events: There is magic when a diverse group of people work together and challenge the status quo, all with the intent of elevating their individual purpose for the collective good.


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