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Forming Impact Society

Forming Impact's driving force

The Forming Impact Society is a collective body of alumni bound by shared values and passion for change. This society is a harmonious blend of humble hearts, brilliant minds, and individuals with a commitment to transformative action.


As a member of the Forming Impact Society, individuals have the unique opportunity to foster connections with individuals who share common values and a collective commitment to effecting positive change. This collaborative environment enhances networking opportunities, encourages knowledge exchange, and lays the groundwork for impactful partnerships that extend beyond the boundaries of the society.


Forming Impact Society members immerse themselves in a community that serves as a catalyst for a comprehensive sense of empowerment, offering opportunities for both professional enrichment and personal fulfillment through mentorship, skill-sharing, and curated events. The ultimate opportunity to cultivate a well-rounded and impactful life journey.



The Forming Impact Society comprises true activators who channel their energy, resources, and interests into initiatives that drive positive change. Members, by virtue of their participation, become integral to projects that have a broader societal impact. The collective strength of the society amplifies the individual contributions of its members, leaving a lasting legacy of positive transformation.



Scotland - 10 Years Anniversary Impact Gathering & Celebration

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